Our Work


Focused on acessories and tailored shirts, accentuated by the bold colors and aesthetics inspired in African craft, the brand prides itself in establishing a link between African tradition and global trends.


Founded by Maya Santimon, Puka Wear is an expression of her and her roots from Sweden, Mozambique, and India.


Expo Milano is an international trade fair that took place in Milan, Italy from 1st May to October 31st 2015. The fair included more than 140 countries and a total estimated 22.2 million visitors. The 2015 theme was “Feeding the planet, energy for life”


Oluchi Brand is an angolan womenswear and accessories brand based in Luanda. Their collection are made up of bold colorful patterns of wax fabric expressed in trendy western styles.


Wamina is a project based in Mozambique that distributes reusable sanitary pads, that can last more than year. Thus offering a more eco friendly, hygienic and affordable option for girls across the country. They not only provide the pads, but also eductaion on menstrual hygiene.


Ideialab supports the entrepreneurial journey.They nurture dreams, provide support on taking the ideas out of the paper and take the first step. They guide startups to the other level.


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